Bicycle user manuals / E-bike operating instructions

Based on our modular user manual system we are able to put together the manual concept that meets your needs best. Or we will set up a completely individualized manual for your bicycles, e-bikes/pedelecs or bicycle components in more than 40 languages. 

We offer user manuals for all bicycle types including mountain bikes, cross bikes, e-bikes/pedelecs, city/trekking and kids’ bikes, road racing bikes, BMX to toy bicycles as well as accessories and components.

In 1995 we launched on the market our first user manual and they have been among the leading user manuals for bicycles and bicycle components ever since. The user manuals are regularly awarded "test winner", for example in the tests of the German foundation for comparative product testing (Stiftung Warentest).

Choose the manual which best matches your requirements – depending on your wishes, piece numbers needed and budget.

Our modular bicycle/e-bike user manual system at a glance

10 reasons for manuals by Zedler-Institut

Prompt delivery

Our user manuals Basic are in stock and can be supplied within a few days.

Compliance with standards including ISO standards

Zedler manuals comply with all standards applicable to the particular bicycle type.

Liability for material defects

Your user manual is an important part of your bicycle. Without a user manual in the language of the country where it is delivered to, your product is found as defective according to European laws. Manuals by the Zedler-Institut offer release from this liability and reduce the rate of complaints as well.

25 years of industry expertise

Supplement your professional branding and increase the perceived value of your products with bicycle user manuals and operating instructions which are designed with our market experience of many years.

Better customer relations

A good manual saves from misuse, improves relations with distributors and end users and increases the perceived value of your product.

Award-winning concept

Since their first publication in 1995, our manuals have regularly been test winners, again recently in the tests of the German foundation for comparative product testing (Stiftung Warentest).

Avoidance of loss occurrences

With more than 800 bicycle claims per year our partner company, GDFS, is compiling an immense wealth of knowledge: What do users do wrong, how can this be avoided? The findings from each claim and all court rulings regarding bicycle accidents are reflected in our manuals.

Sustainable manuals

Resource saving testing and working is not just a “greenwashing” phrase in our company. For many years now we have been working with certified green electricity from hydropower supplied by the electricity plant EWS Schoenau in the Black Forest. Since we have moved into our new energy-efficient building our 65-kg-peak photovoltaic system on the roof supplies about 40 % of the company power consumption. The waste heat of the three compressors generating the huge quantities of compressed air required for our testing systems are used by us for heating the service water, for example for the showers after cycling and for the heating.

You can have your user manuals "Brand Basic" and "Individual" printed on FSC® certified paper (paper from sustainably managed forests). Your product which is environmentally friendly anyway can thus be made even more sustainable.

Image promotion

Your user manual promotes your image and reduces effectively the number of complaints, because informed distributors and end users make less mistakes.

Product liability

Product liability law, product safety law, ISO and EN standards as well as the machinery directive all have one thing in common: They require a comprehensible complete manual in the language of the country where a product is delivered to. Release yourself from this liability via a manual in cooperation with the Zedler-Institut. We offer more than 30 languages.


Japanese translator on a road/mountain bike manual

"The experienced, passionate road and mountain bike rider in Japan, who proofread the Japanese translation, was surprised and deeply impressed by the scope and the technically exhaustive contents of the manuals. He could not imagine that a bicycle in Japan would be supplied with such a detailed manual. The fact that the manufacturer applied so much effort to inform his customers was very "sympathetic" as it showed how careful the manufacturer is dealing with technology. (...)

For me as the translator it is also a confirmation that the Japanese versions of the manuals are "fit for riders" and that the basic statements of this "monumental work", as the Japanese proofreader put it, were perfectly transmitted into the Japanese language.

With all this in mind, I wish you and your customer continued success (particularly in my homeland)."

Japanese translator on a kids' bike manual

"I must say your manual is again very well done. I had a lot of fun reading it through again. And I'd really like to buy a new bike right now... The story about the kids' bike is very nice. I imagine how exciting it must be for a father to assemble such a bike for his kid (and then to cycle together). Congratulations to you and your colleagues on this successful project."


E-mail from a satisfied "Individual Manual" customer

"Our colleague in France is absolutely reliable. She has already replied and is full of praise for the very good translation. The manual is therefore released by us."


Feedback from a manufacturer on the French translation of the "Basic Manual" trekking bike

"According to my boss this was very good in terms of linguistics."

Email from one of our customers

"On Friday, the user manuals arrived on time and in sound condition. Everything is perfect. If this was always like this, we would have half the work to do."

Email from a cyclist

I've recently become the owner of a new bicycle and am very happy with it.

I would like to take the opportunity to express my compliments. Because I haven't seen such a great manual for a long time! Bravo!"

E-mail from a satisfied "Basic Manual" customer

"Manual is really great – I can hardly believe that there is still an issue that was not mentioned."

E-mail from a satisfied customer of the "Individual Manual"

Thank you so much for making the precision landing possible!!"