Recall Support

As regards the after-sales service to the benefit of customer safety, the bicycle industry is not very much in the lead. What is more, in the industry a recall is unfortunately all too often equated with a loss of face. A well-done recall is customer service and preventive measure against liability claims at the same time.

The legal situation, the German Product Safety Act, is clear: “ProdSG § 6 – Additional requirements for making available consumer products on the market

(2) The manufacturer, his authorised representative and the importer shall make precautions in the framework of their respective business activity to take appropriate measures in order to prevent potential risks involved with the consumer product which they have made available on the market; the measures must be appropriate with respect to the product's characteristics and may include the withdrawal, adequate and effective warnings and recall.“

Since 2006, we have accompanied manufacturers through all steps on their way to a possible recall

  • Examination and analysis of the claims
  • Product examination with fatigue, overload and impact tests in the test laboratory
  • Developing appropriate measures
  • Preparing the accompanying documents

Furthermore, we should be glad to support you in setting up quality assurance measures and monitoring claims, so that defects can be detected early and products improved quickly.

Let us advise you with our many years of experience.


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