Technical documentation

Technical documentation is far more than just user manuals

The days when the hardware bicycle represented the exclusive product have been over for the bicycle and the e-bike industry for some time. Bicycles, but even more so e-bikes, e-MTBs, e-gravel bikes, e-road bikes and e-cargo bikes, require a comprehensive package of accompanying “paperwork”.

This includes:

  • risk assessments
  • test certificates (electrical and mechanical as well as in terms of pollutants)
  • operating instructions
  • CE labels and type plates
  • declarations of conformity

We have many years of experience in all areas. We have learned a lot, in particular, when market surveillance authorities in countries like France, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and of course Germany imposed sales bans on manufacturers. Under the time pressure given from that moment on, we prepared the missing documents and provided them on time so that the delivery of the bicycles and e-bikes could start again.

Don’t let it get to that point. Prepare your legally required documents together with us. And by the way, it’s not true that operating instructions are rarely read. Every cyclist who reads them does less wrong, which leads to less complaints. If the worst comes to the worst, the lawyers will read the instructions meticulously. It's good when you are then on the safe side.

There is no shame in recalls. The automotive industry uses recalls even as a customer service. Since the beginning of the 2000s, we have been providing holistic support for withdrawals and recalls. Perhaps the word which has a negative connotation in our cycling world will then no longer be something one has to be afraid of.


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