Bicycle user manual "Brand Basic"

Fahrrad-Bedienungsanleitung "Marke Basis" / Bicycle user manual "Brand Basic"

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Description "Brand Basic":
  • Manuals for bicycle types
    - MTB (hardtail and full suspension)
    - pedelec/e-bike/EPAC/S-pedelec (as supplementary manual)
    - city/trekking and children’s bicycles
    - road bike (incl. time trial and triathlon bicycle and flat handlebar) 
    - BMX
    - toy bicycles
  • Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish
  • Photos of contents are neutral, suitable for all models of your brand
  • Content includes approx. 70-108 pages depending on bicycle type (pedelec, BMX and toy bicycle approx. 40 pages)
In addition to "Basic":
  • 8 cover pages can be designed freely according to your wishes: space for your branding, bicycles of your production, your warranty, tips or the like
  • Multi-coloured or black-white design of the cover pages, optional
  • 3 different languages per manual are possible, pedelec manuals up to 6 languages
  • Printing on FSC® certified paper, optional
Your advantages:
  • Higher perceived value, as the customer recollects your branding
  • More contents due to 8 pages that can be freely designed
  • Delivery of ready printed user manuals
  • Compliant with all ISO and other applicable standards
  • Clear A5-format
  • Reliable and easily readable user manual with very good ratings, always up to date with respect to the latest developments in technology and legislation
  • Repeatedly passed examinations by German trade supervisory boards, Swiss market surveillance authorities and French state-authorised testing institutes
Our user tip:
  • For brand manufacturers and wholesalers assembling bicycles, who sell under their own label and do not mind inferior extra expenses for customized cover pages

For detailed information on bicycle user manuals "Brand Basic" see our product portfolio.

Minimum purchase: 1,000 pieces or two times 500 pieces per bicycle type