Modular risk assessments for e-bike / e-MTB and electric transport bike manufacturers

Concentrate on the development, production and distribution of your e-bikes and make your work easier with standard and legally compliant risk assessments made by Zedler-Institut.

E-bikes are covered by the Machinery Directive, this is common knowledge among bicycle manufacturers. The fact that a risk assessment in accordance with the EN ISO 12100:2010 standard is required as proof of machine safety is less known. Consequently, if there is no risk assessment available for the various types of e-bikes, e-MTBs and electric transport bikes there is a risk of a sales ban.

Zedler-Institut has been preparing customer-specific risk assessments for about a decade. On several occasions, they have helped manufacturers even in crisis situations to be freed from the “clutches” of the market surveillance authorities.

Risk assessments that we prepared for our customers were reviewed by market surveillance authorities at least in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. As a result, all of them met the requirements at the first attempt.

Our extended risk assessment portfolio offers two risk assessment options for your models.

In the “Individual” risk assessment established for years, we look at the risks of a range of e-bike, e-MTB, e-gravel bike, e-road bike or electric transport bike models and provide you with a ready to sign risk assessment.

With the open system “Premium”, we provide a modular system for the independent development of risk assessments in a short time. You can prepare as many risk assessments as you like for your complete range of models on your own.