, 2019/03/18

Zedler-Institut complements portfolio with further languages

For almost twenty years Dirk Zedler and his company in Ludwigsburg have drawn up user manuals for bicycles of any type and bicycle components. From now on Zedler extends the portfolio and complements it by further languages.

The laws relative to the protection of consumers are identical in all countries of the EU. According to the Ludwigsburg company “it is in particular the Product Liability and the Product Safety Act as well as the Machinery Directive mandatory for e-bikes that require unambiguous, comprehensive consumer information in national language.” With Croatian, Czech, Finnish, Swedish and Polish five additional languages will complement the portfolio of the user manuals. To date the manuals were and remain available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and of course German.

Zedler offers the manuals in three categories, i.e. “Basic”, “Brand Basic” and “Individual”, also in small quantities and partly immediately ex warehouse.

Author: Jürgen Wetzstein
Photo: Zedler-Institut

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