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No more “yes, but” – when it comes to sustainable buildings, you just have to start

The third online meetup for UnternehmensGrün members was about sustainable building and/or the management of existing buildings. Following an input by Felix Jansen, Head of Department PR , Communication and Marketing of German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), Dirk Zedler (Managing Director of Zedler – Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit GmbH) gave insights into practice.

According to the Federal Government of Germany, the entire building stock in Germany shall be climate-neutral by 2050. To achieve this goal, new buildings have not only to be built sustainably, but existing buildings have to be renovated, too.


How to realise sustainable building in practice was presented by Dirk Zedler. His company building was awarded as one of only two buildings worldwide the highest level of certification by DGNB (“platinum”) in combination with the “climate-positive” award. To obtain this status Zedler-Institut has taken the following measures among other things:

• construction of a cobiax ceiling on the roof of the company building; the use of steel and concrete was hereby reduced and the insulation improved at the same time
• use of open joint paving blocks, which leads rainwater directly into the ground and the surface is not sealed
• construction of cisterns for rainwater storage, this water is used e.g. to flush toilets
• NABU-certified insect meadow (meadow orchard)
• photovoltaic system on the company building
• consistent detection and closing of leaks in the compressed air system

As a result, fresh water consumption could be reduced by 50%, while more energy is produced than consumed at the same time (energy-positive). Dirk Zedler: It works, even if you only do it as a hobby in addition to you job! We mounted more and more measuring points and looked where there was potential for improvement and then made changes step by step. Meanwhile we have more than 70 and are also ambitious in sport and want to become even better.”

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