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Guidelines for the parts replacement on e-bikes updated

The work group parts replacement on e-bikes and pedelecs updated both guidelines for the parts replacement on electric bicycles (25 kmh/15.5 mph and 45 kmh/28 mph) and made them available for download.

The guidelines for the 25kmh/15.5 mph pedelecs were completed with a new “category 5” with notes for mounting accessories such as bar ends, front baskets or child seats. According to the work group with members from companies and associations, there had allegedly been numerous inquiries of retailers who were not sure when mounting accessories. In the “Guidelines for the parts replacement of speed e-bikes / pedelecs up to a pedal assist of 45 km/h (28 mph)” the brake system was added in category 2 (components which may only be replaced upon presentation of a valid test report) and notes on front baskets, pannier bags and bar ends in category 4 (special notes for mounting accessories). The guidelines are available for download in German, English and French language at:


In addition, the work group published explanatory documents on pedelec tuning and retrofitting bicycles with electric drive only recently. The work group parts replacement on e-bikes and pedelecs consists of the umbrella organization for German industry guilds BIV, TUEV Rhineland, the test institute velotech.de, the German service and bicycle association VSF, Zedler-Institut as well as the German bicycle association ZIV.

Author: vz

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