EMTB 04/2020

10 times really slimmed down!

Under 20 kilos, that was the aim of this story. A lightweight, fully enduro-ready e-bike. Functionally, better than before. And legal please! But: Parts tuning on pedelecs is reportedly a real problem. We tried out what is allowed, what is not, and what makes sense. Good news: It’s worth it!

“You want to tune your endurance test bike? You can’t do that, it’s forbidden!” The proposed topic for this story was quickly buried in the editorial conference. Unfortunately, I had already set my Ghost Hybride SL AMR X on a starvation diet and replaced various parts. Just like that, because I always do that with my bikes. "Oh, do I have one foot in jail now, or what?", I wanted to know from my colleagues. Shrugs. As an e-biker, am I really not allowed to change anything because before the law an e-bike is not a normal bicycle but a machine?

The internet is full of contradictions, but expert Dirk Zedler, sworn expert witness for electric bikes by profession and graduate engineer, was able to calm me down quickly: As an end consumer I am allowed to do what I want with my e-bike - except from motor tuning, of course (see interview).


Author: Christian Schleker

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