, 2023/08/29
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Zedler‐Institut offers new dates for workshops

Zedler-Institut (Ludwigsburg) has expanded and adjusted their range of workshops and publishes new dates, also for workshops held in English and for individual persons. They will start from autumn 2023 on.

Zedler-Institut starts from autumn on with new workshops

In the new workshops of Zedler Institut, the conformity, technical documentation and testing experts want to address specifically the decision-makers and central forces in the companies with their expanded programme. The content includes, among other things, the Product Safety Act, which affects companies that import e-bikes into the EU or manufacture them in the EU. They have to deal for example with the CE marking. Without CE marking these bicycles with electric assistance must not be sold. If they are placed on the market nevertheless and cause damage in use, manufacturers or importers must be prepared to face legal action and high compensation for damages.

But even without a claim, a market surveillance authority can stop the sales of e-bikes, e-MTBs and e-transport bikes if they identify deficiencies in the comprehensive chain of conformity procedures, as has already happened this year in Italy, Switzerland and Germany with several manufacturers and importers.

Founder and managing director Dirk Zedler: “We have already accompanied many market surveillance procedures of our customers in some European countries and have jointly developed missing documentation or provided test results including protocols in a ‘rush’ procedure, for example. It is our goal to prevent market surveillance authorities from threatening sales bans in the first place. We have gathered the deficiencies we have identified in the companies and let the manufacturers share our wealth of experience.”

Zedler-Institut’s new offer is a follow-up workshop fully-assembled bicycle testing. This workshop is exclusively tailored to each company and mainly addresses technicians and persons in charge of conformity. Further information and dates are available on the Zedler-Group website. The workshops can be booked directly via the Zedler-Institut’s webshop.

Author: Maxim Huber

Photo: Zedler-Institut