, 2024/04/19
Podcast 28:38 minutes

“The ultimate MCA a manufacturer can experience”

Sales ban and recall for Babboe cargo bikes — Dirk Zedler explains the backgrounds. (…)
The German “Antritt” (Acceleration) podcast of the German podcast radio “” is about bicycles in all their facets and, of course, about bicycle people. This sequel is about the sales ban and recall at Babboe cargo bike (...).

Sales ban and recall of Babboe cargo bikes

Cargo bikes have made it into the headlines of major media houses, but not in a positive context: The cargo bike manufacturer Babboe, part of the Dutch Accell Group, is simultaneously facing a sales ban, a recall of various models and, in the Netherlands, additional investigations by the public prosecutor's office. This is because some Babboe frames have broken during operation and there is a risk of breakage with several models. According to the manufacturer, all in all about 22,000 cargo bikes will be replaced. In addition to the structure, it is also the communication of the problems that is criticised.

We talk to Dirk Zedler, Managing Director of the Zedler-Group and thus also Managing Director of Gesellschaft der Fahrradsachverständigen and Institut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit in Ludwigsburg, about the weaknesses of structure and communication and possible effects on the cycle industry.

Sales ban and recall of Babboe cargo bikes
28:38 minutes


Moderation of the talk: Gerolf Meyer and Christian Bollert