SAZbike, 2019/03/19

Zedler-Institut: Manuals in five new languages

User manuals made by Ludwigsburg’s Zedler-Institut are now available in the languages Polish, Croatian, Czech, Finnish and Swedish.

With the languages already available, i.e. German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch, the manuals can now be delivered in eleven languages. The manuals can be ordered for the bicycle categories pedelec, e-MTB, city/trekking bike, youth bike, mountain bike, road bike, toy bicycle and BMX.

According to the test institute, user manuals are required due to identic, EU-wide legislation applicable for consumer protection in all countries of the European Union. In particular the Product Liability and the Product Safety Act as well as the Machinery Directive mandatory for e-bikes would require unambiguously comprehensive consumer information in the respective national language. In the case of pedelecs manuals were required by law, because without manual these bicycles would not obtain a CE mark and were therefore not allowed to be sold.

Author: Tillman Lambert
Photo: Zedler-Institut