SAZbike 20/2021
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Sustainably sober

Manufacturers and service providers are aware of the importance of sustainability. The issue requires however a consistent and reasonable approach.

SAZbike asks
Sustainability is one of the topics par excellence at the moment. How can demand for sustainable products be increased?

Dirk Zedler - Zedler-lnstitut für Fahrradtechnik und -Sicherheit
A rethinking of the industry is only gradually beginning.
To date, sustainability has been hardly an issue in the industry, and for good reason. The products bicycle and e-bike stand for sustainable use, but in production considerations as to sustainability generally do play a subordinate role at present, apart from very few exceptions.
But there is movement. If sustainability is made more of a subject of discussion and is used in a way that attracts public attention, the customer demand will also rise.


It’s in particular credibility that many manufacturers see as a decisive criterion in the communication of sustainability. Many of them consider the issue pragmatically, for example with regard to price orientation on the part of the customers.